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Plum Brandy | Coupage

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Brandy distilled from exclusively the highest quality plums from our orchards. Each plum is carefully handpicked, ensuring that only the best fruits of Moravka, Čačanska lepotica, and Čačanska rodna contribute to our brandy and its authentic taste.

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Our Šljivovica is a blend of three exceptional varieties of plums from our orchards. Each of these varieties contributes its unique quality, creating a harmony of flavors that defines our brandy.

Čačanska lepotica, recognized in 1975 thanks to the work of eminent experts, captivates with its quality and fruit weight of 30 to 40 grams. Known for its firmness and ability to withstand transport, this variety’s fruits mature by the end of June and beginning of August, offering a mild and sophisticated flavor.

Čačanska rodna, with an average fruit weight of about 32 grams, provides an exceptional balance and is known for its adaptability to both fresh consumption and processing. Its fruits, ready for harvest in the second half of August, contribute to the rich aroma and complexity of our šljivovica.

Moravka, an old indigenous type of plum of our region, is the heart of our blend. This plum, with its full and traditional flavor, adds depth and authenticity to our brandy.

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