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About Us

Who we are and what represents


In the heart of the picturesque village of Trnava, on the slopes of Mountain Golija,  Češljarac family has been devotedly growing plums and distilling brandy for decades. This brandy, Golijska suza, is not just a product – it is a reflection of the passion and effort of one family to create a high-quality, unique brandy with a balanced taste.


For us, brandy production is not just a craft – it’s about preserving a rich family tradition. We are convinced that the fast, modern world will soon revalue old knowledge and natural ingredients. For us, there is nothing more precious than the moments when family and friends gather around the cauldron, with laughter and jokes, enjoying the taste of our brandy. These are the moments that inspire and drive us, the aspiration to pass on these values to future generations.


Our brandy bears a name that immortalizes our geographical connection with mountain Golija, which enriches our orchards and contributes to the quality of our brandy. And the tear? The ‘tear’ in the name is not just a symbol of sorrow, but also of joy – a reflection of life in which feelings intertwine.

Among other things, have you heard of anything purer than a tear?


The journey of Golijska suza began in the past, with the roots in the fertile land of the village of Trnava, on the slopes of mountain Golija. Our family tradition is a story of dedication, innovation, and love for the craft of distillation. The first plum trees that we planted around 1940s laid the foundation for our mission: to produce a brandy that carries the soul of its land and its people.

Through generations, the skill of distillation became more and more improved, being carried forward from father to son. Each generation brought something new, but always looking back to the essence – the production of brandy that reflects the quality and character of the fruit from our orchards. Golijska suza brandy is, therefore, more than a drink – it is the result of decades of experience, passion, and knowledge.

In the years that followed, our ambitions expanded. From 2015 to 2018, we planted three more plum orchards with the Lepotica rodna variety, which was a turning point in our production. This expansion was not just in the number of trees but also in our dedication to positioning Golijska suza as a recognizable brand.

We first competed in 2019 in village Žitište, where we won a gold medal – that was just the beginning of a series of recognitions and awards that followed. All these successes stands as a testament to our tireless work and dedication to quality.

The year 2022 arrived, and with it the aspiration to build our own distillery in our native village. This was not just a step forward in production, but also a symbolic act that marked our readiness for Golijska suza to take its place in the world of top brandies. Registered at the beginning of 2023, our distillery represents the crown of our work and dedication.

Today, with over 900 plum trees,  Češljarac family continues to write this story with the same enthusiasm. Each family member plays an important role, making Golijska suza more than a product – it is our heritage, our pride, and our tradition, which we share with the world through every drop of our brandy.


Trnava 61
Raška, Srbija
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